Английские идиоматические выражения, как и русские, широко используются во всех сферах нашей жизни — в фильмах и литературных произведениях, песнях и стихах, в газетах и журналах, политике и рекламе. Как уже не один раз упоминалось — идиоматические выражения делают речь неповторимой и особо выразительной. В этом посте хотелось бы обратить ваше внимание на рифмованные идиоматические выражения, точная рифма, простота и краткость которых, делает их стойкими, заминающимися и часто используемыми в речи. Рассмотрим некоторые из них.

ants in the pants (eager; restless)

bag with a sag (an old or unattractive woman)

balls to the wall (desperate; all-out)

beat a retreat (to withdraw; to run away)

blast from the past (an unexpected reminder of the past)

built to the hilt (well made)

bummer in the summer (something that ruins a good time)

cheat and retreat (a strategy of cheating, but of backing down whenever caught)

clocks on your socks (referring to someone who wears expensive or showy clothes)

cock of the rock (the most important person locally)

cruising for a bruising (making trouble)

dare to compare (a confident assertion of superiority)

dress for success (to wear clothes intended to impress)

drunk as a skunk (very drunk)

dumb as they come (the epitome of stupidity)

eyes on the prize (to remain focussed on one’s goal)

free as the breeze (free; unpunished; unworried)

fun in the sun (a vacation at the beach)

go with the flow (to go along, not to make a fuss)

hook or by crook (by any means possible)

three hots and a cot (three meals a day and a place to sleep)

jelly on the belly (a description of an ultrasound scan)

junk in the trunk (having commodious hindquarters; big-assed)

large and in charge (to be the big boss)

late at the gate (of an airplane, late in arriving)

loose as a goose (uninhibited; goofy; wild)

max and relax (settle down and relax)

my way or the highway (do what I say, or leave!)

name of the game (the actual meaning of something)

no eyeing if you ain’t buying (no windowshoppers, please!)

out and about (doing errands, shopping, or other activities away from home)

pay and display (a kind of parking meter which issues a ticket that must be displayed in the car window)

pedal to the metal (going as fast as one can)

pie in the sky (unrealistic promises of rewards)

pink in the sink (gum bleeding after tooth brushing)

risk it for a biscuit (to dare to do something for the reward)

screwed, blued, and tattooed (in a very bad way)

seal the deal (to come to an agreement, to determine the terms of an agreement)

set and forget (referring to systems where some control can be automatically set)

seven come eleven (a craps-shooter’s plea for good luck)

sevens and elevens (a satisfactory situation)

shoot in my boot (an exclamation of joy)

shop til you drop (to go on a shopping spree)

shuffle off to Buffalo (to depart)

sign of the times (something emblematic of the current age)

snug as a bug in a rug (warm, safe and comfortable)

sound as the pound (safe; reliable; sure)

spastic with the plastic (a spree shopper)

sport a report (to spread information or gossip)

steal of a deal (an extremely favorable offer)

stone to the bone (admirable in every respect)

styling and profiling (posing as a cool, sophisticated person, and wearing the appropriate clothes to match)

talkety talk (talk)

top of the pops (the highest rated song on the «pop» chart)

under the gun (facing a deadline or threat)

up your nose with a rubber hose (an insult)

wag the red rag (to chat)

wine and dine (to entertain someone by giving them an expensive meal and wine)

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