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With the first sunny spring days I always feel incredibly blissful and inspired because they remind me about imminent summer. What a relief it is when after a busy school year, your long-expecte time-off finally arrives. I can never wait till my final exam and begin to plan beforehand what to do throughout my approaching summer holidays.

Taking into consideration the fact that we (I mean my family) live in an industrial region, going to the seaside to enjoy the cool fresh breeze is a must. This year was not an exception. A cute room, booked in advance in a small Crimean hotel, provided us not only with all types of facilities and services but also with unforgettable time of relaxation and pleasure, which we so much longed for. Hence, after swimming in crystal pure water and just laying in the sun and doing nothing, we returned home fully rested, completely recharged and ready for new achievements.

As it was planned, my next thing to do was to visit my grandparents.  They live in the countyside, therefore I do not see them very often and miss them terribly. I adore my time in the village. It is always fun and reminds me of warm summer. I will never forget my first night fishing experience, gained there with my local friends, and our cheerful disco parties as well. But most of all I relish my open air dinners with grandparents when we would sit  in a garden arbor and our small rural feast would turn into a prolonged tea ceremony with homemade cakes and unending chats on different topics, ranging from politics to my future career. Honestly, I had had such a wonderful time in the village that before I knew, it was time to return to my urban life again.

Having returned from the village, I decided to use the last summer month to my advantage so I spent August tying up my loose ends. Firstly,  in order to get ready for study load and also to keep fit, I joined a health club.  I believe, regular exercising will keep me at healthy weight, lower risk of seasonal illnesses and boost my mental wellbeing school year through. Secondly, to kill two birds with one stone I decided to take up English classes. Frankly speaking, I am not that good at languages. That’s why I felt confident that English courses would help me during my next academic year.  In addition, practicing English will be a good asset for my next summer trip, which is expected to be taken to somewhere abroad. Finally, summer reading was not finished yet and there was so much to catch up.

Time flies very quickly. My school starts on Monday and I can’t but say — it is a pity that the summer has gone. However, now that I have had lots of rest during my holiday, when I am full of energy and eager to learn something new – I can’t wait to start my new year at school.