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Топик supermarketI love shopping. I like looking around the shops and buying things. There is a very good supermarket near my house. It has got everything you need. If you want a tin of fish, a box of chocolate, a tube of toothpaste, a bootle of beer, a carton of milk or a jar of jam — you will find it there.

If I buy a lot of things, I usually use a trolley. If I don’t want much, I just take a basket and look for the things I want. Sometimes, I can’t find things on the shelves and I ask assistant to help me. When I see what I want, I just take it from the shelf and put it into my trolley or basket.

When I have everything I need, I   go to the check-out and stand in a queue. To pay for the things I have in my trolley or basket, I give money to the cashier. The cashier takes my money, puts it  into the till and gives me my change. If the custommers are not happy with the service or there is something wrong, they can complain to the manager.

I never complaine, because our supermarket is super.

shelves- полки

queue — очередь

customers — покупатели

assistant — продавец

to check-out — расплачиваться на кассе

till — касса (денежный ящик)

cashier — кассир

manager — менеджер

trolley — тележка

basket — корзина

to complain — жаловаться

to look for — искать

tin — банка (консервная)

tube — тюбик

carton — картонная упаковка

jar — банка (стеклянная)